Some Things I Made

For the past couple of months (June and July), I have participated in the Pinterest Swap on Craftster, and have made some great things, some of which I will definitely re-make for myself!

For the June Swap, I made my swap partner a leather wrap bracelet with smoky quartz bicone beads.

And also, I made my first crochet project – a child’s crochet Knight’s helmet, which was a lot of fun to make! You can find the pattern on Ravelry. Yes Sir, I can crochet!


For the July Swap, I made some items out of denim – a pair of dark denim jeans I found in the Charity Shop.

I made a denim flower necklace from an old, broken Primark necklace (which went well with the denim), which I wrapped in navy organza ribbon, and sewed the flowers onto it. I so want one myself!

Also, I made some star Christmas tree ornaments – pieces of denim cut into star shapes, sewn together (to make double sided) with loops of nettle yarn to hang them to the tree.

Then I made a lined denim tote bag – the first bag I’ve ever made. My sewing machine didn’t want to behave itself that day, but it worked out quite well in the end.

denim stuff

denim bag

Also last month I made a papier mache cast of my glass display head (that’s what my swap partner wanted) and a feather hair band, which I forgot to photograph when I sent them off. These were quite messy projects (I got covered with superglue making the hair band, and covered the dining table with PVA and paint making the head).

I’m proud of myself for making all of these projects – I can knit, crochet, sew, make jewellery and do papier mache (and probably a lot more besides). I may however take a break from swapping this month. Alas, the need to pay the rent outweighs the need to be creative 😦