Atos and my Incapacity Benefit

Just a quick post to say that I returned my ATOS form last week (the deadline was on 6th March).  I made myself out to be a complete nut job, which Stewart agreed with.  He said I should have referred to myself in the third person!  However, filling in the form, describing my problems, etc., was a difficult and tiring endeavour, and it has put me into a depression trough again 😦  I wonder how quickly they’ll send me an appointment for my interview.  While they are declaring the severely disabled fit for work and taking away their benefits, I wonder what will happen to me?



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I'm a 45 year old woman, living in Greater London, UK. My blog is about life, love, knitting, sewing, crafts, writing, mental health, politics, smartassery and everything else.

3 thoughts on “Atos and my Incapacity Benefit”

  1. Unfortunately in our experience you will probably have to appeal as almost everyone including a good friend who can barely move some days and is on high doses of morphine was told they were fit for work. Just make sure when you appeal that you use the word appeal otherwise the same person will look at your claim again but if you actually use the word appeal it has to be seen by another person. Good luck and try not to let it get to you I know its difficult.

    1. Hi again Nic. I’ve just had a little look see at your blog, and saw you’ve written about Seven Kings and Leytonstone. I’m in Romford – we could be neighbours!

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